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Short Bio: Michael Saltsman is an economist and researcher for Berman and Company, and also serves as research director at the Employment Policies Institute.

He frequently writes editorials and opinion pieces discussing entry-level employment and arguing against the minimum wage. Prior to joining Berman and Company, Saltsman worked as a field economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Saltsman is Secretary of the District of Columbia Republican Committee and he “has provided communications strategy for the campaigns of Jill Homan and Mary Brooks Beatty.” He graduated from the University of Michigan, where he earned a BA and studied economics and political science.


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Experts: Nothing Charitable About Berman's Front Groups

Charity Navigator, an independent authority on charitable giving, has issued donor advisories against five Berman front groups:

The advisories note that, unlike most charities, Berman’s groups funnel significant amounts of their funds to a single company, Berman’s for-profit Berman and Company, Inc.